Frank van den Ham

About the artist

Frank van den Ham, 1952, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
For more than thirty years Frank van den Ham works with the technique of glass fusing.
Van den Ham is best described as an artist that makes different worlds recognisable and
aims to connect them. His fascination with Africa and the Far East and his purely Dutch
roots, make him a traveller between worlds.
Always in search of the additional, the complimentary, always in search of home.
Homesickness for “there” gives his work a tension and at the same time a warmth that
inevitably touches the onlooker. Colourful, poetic compositions in glass, sometimes
combined with other materials like wood, fabric and silver,
give a surprising insight into his realm of thoughts and dreams.
The technique of fusing and kiln-forming glass is a technique that was used thousands of
years ago but was forgotten and only in the 1950’s re-discovered. Van den Ham has played
an important role in ensuring that this technique, that allows an exact use of colour, pattern
and form, has found its place back between other glass techniques.
For several years he had a studio in South Africa to teach local people these techniques.
His objects are exhibited all over the world and can be found in many museum and private
His work demonstrates uniqueness in an exuberant range of different objects. Always stories
about different worlds that are, in Franks opinion, actually one and in which he is always
looking for his home.
From his glass bridge between those worlds he tries to connect, to understand and to
There are many publications about his work. Pahit Manis, Pulang and Ubuntu are three
books that each reflect a certain period.